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The trailer for my podcast, Ads with Leah. In this podcast I'll be sharing everything I know about making great ad creative that gets your audience excited to buy.

Leah: Hey, this is Leah and
you're listening to ads with

Leah, a paid social podcast.

This podcast provides creative-first
digital advertising education

for impact driven businesses and
marketers who care more about

quality than they do about quantity.

Stay tuned to learn how to make
amazing ads that help you reach

the right people and attract
and engage your ideal audience.

Thanks for joining me for my new podcast.

I'm so excited to be launching this!

My name is Leah.

I've been working in digital
marketing for the past 10 years,

and focused just on Facebook
advertising for the past five years.

I launched my advertising consultancy in
2017 and have been working with businesses

in a variety of industries from everything
from mobile apps and SaaS businesses, to

e-commerce and DTC companies, to online
course creators and service providers.

The number one thing that I've
learned in that time is that the

ad creative is the most important
piece of your advertising strategy.

Creative is always the biggest lever you
can pull when you're running campaigns.

If something's not working, you
gotta shift up the creative.

This is what is going
to have the most impact.

So in this podcast, I'm going to be
teaching you everything I know about

how to make amazing ad creative.

Thanks for tuning in and I look
forward to sharing more with you!

Podcast Trailer
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