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EP 7: Behind The Scenes Of 10 Years Of Building My Business

It's my 10 year business anniversary! To celebrate I wanted to share how I spent the last 10 years getting my business to where it is today. I share how I got my first...

EP 6: How to Speak Your Customers' Language With Katie Momo

In this episode I chat with Katie Momo, a copywriter and marketing strategist, on how to interview your customers to discover their desires, problems, language, and mo...

EP 5: Why Ad Creative is the Best Form of Targeting with Charley the Disrupter

In this episode I chat with Charley the Disrupter, a long-time Facebook advertising strategist, about why your ad creative really is the best form of targeting.

EP 4: How To Measure and Test Video Ad Hooks with Anze Markovic

Today I'm chatting with Anze Markovic, a creative strategist, about video hooks, hook testing, and how to measure the effective of your paid social video ads.

EP 3: 22 Ad Angles To Use In Your Social Ads

In this episode I'm sharing 22 different angles that you can use to sell your product in your advertising.

EP 2: My 5-Step Process For Planning Ad Messaging

In this episode, I'm sharing the behind the scenes of how I plan messaging for my client's ad campaigns. Find out the 5-step framework I developed to determine what to...

EP 1: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Focus On Ad Creative

Advertising has changed a lot in recent years... but has it really? Here's 3 reasons why ad creative should still be your #1 focus.

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The trailer for my podcast, Ads with Leah. In this podcast I'll be sharing everything I know about making great ad creative that gets your audience excited to buy.

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